The People of Korvosa

Buildings, infrastructure, and politics make a city livable (or intolerable, in some cases), but the people who live in a place truly make it a city.

Barely more powerful than the lord magistrates who preceded them, the monarchs of Korvosa must share power with the strict governmental entities existent at the founding of the monarchy. The command King Erodred II exerts over the city is constantly checked by the arbiters, magistrates, and nobles, the city’s most politically powerful groups. More than judges, the arbiters not only determine the guilt or innocence of defendants in a court of law, but also have legislative oversight. No one exactly knows what the 23 magistrates or their staffs do, but most Korvosans suspect the entire purpose of city hall is to waste the time and money of the city’s people. Finally, two overlapping divisions define Korvosa’s aristocracy: the five most powerful families bear the coveted title of Great Houses, giving their members special privileges within the city, and 21 noble houses make up the Dock Families, allowing them to charge berthing fees on one or more docks in the city.

Notable Korvosans

Listed here are many of Korvosa’s most well-known names, be they famous or infamous.

The Government

Korvosa’s government is split into three groups. The arbiters serve as judges, trying criminal
cases and settling civil disputes. The magistrates handle the day-to-day bureaucracy of city management. And the monarchy serves as Korvosa’s diplomats and defenders.

Cressida Kroft: The current leader of the Korvosan Guard, Field Marshal Cressida Kroft is an even-tempered woman whose practice of openly encouraging adventurers and mercenaries to aid the
Guard in the city’s defense has earned her some unfair criticism by the city’s elite.
King Eodred Arabasti II: The King of Korvosa is a man whose spendthrift ways are moderated
somewhat by the numerous good works he has spearheaded.
Queen Ileosa Arabasti: Queen of Korvosa, Ileosa is barely a third the age of her husband. Rumors say that she holds much of Korvosa in contempt, and that she seduced the king into marrying her simply to advance her own wealth and riches.
Garrick Tann: Often called “the most hated man in Korvosa,” Garrick Tann is the Magistrate of Commerce, the man who oversees the collection of taxes in the city.
Lolia Perenne: Once a priest of Abadar, the current Magistrate of Regulation is tasked with the maintenance of weights and measurements—much of her office’s time is spent seeking out faulty scales, shaved coins, and other attempts by merchants and customers to cheat one another.
Marcus Thalassinus Endrin: Commandant Endrin is the current leader of the Sable Company, a man whose dedication to tradition and honor sometimes blinds him to what might be best for his own career.
Neolandus Kalepopolis: The seneschal of Castle Korvosa, Neolandus Kalepopolis commands the defenses of the castle itself, and is regarded as the second most powerful individual in the city, behind only King Eodred II.
Severs “Boneclaw” DiVri: The intimidating and mysterious commander of the Order of the Nail, Lictor DiVri is a towering man who rarely leaves his post at Citadel Vraid.
Syl Gar: If Garrick Tann is one of Korvosa’s most hated officials, Magistrate of Expenditures Syl Gar is one of the most loved—his responsibility is to see to it that city taxes are spent properly and efficiently on public works.
Zenobia Zenderholm: Known as the Hanging Judge, Zenobia is Korvosa’s senior arbiter. Her reputation is justifiably fearsome among Korvosa’s criminals.

Citizens of Note

From the lofty perches of the city’s aristocracy down to the market’s entertainers, merchants, and criminals, many of Korvosa’s citizens are well-known figures.

Blackjack: One of the city’s most beloved and reviled heroes, Blackjack is more of a symbol than anything else – a legendary masked hero who has fought for Korvosa’s downtrodden for hundreds of years.
Boule: The guildmaster of the Cerulean Society, Korvosa’s thieves’ guild, Boule is feared by many and respected by few.
Darb Tuttle: The Archbanker of the Church of Abadar, Darb Tuttle is one of Korvosa’s most powerful clerics.
Devargo Barvassi: Known to some as the “King of Spiders,” Devargo runs Eel’s End, a collection of ships that double as a brothel, drug den, and gambling hall.
Glorio Arkona: The patriarch of one of Korvosa’s most powerful noble families, it is rumored Glorio has ties to most, if not all, of Korvosa’s criminal underworld.
Keppira d’Bear: The Bishop of the cathedral of Pharasma, Keppira’s stewardship over the city’s Gray District has kept the presence of undead at an all-time low.
Pilts Swastel: Pilts owns and runs Old Korvosa’s Exemplary Execrables, a playhouse that caters to those seeking perverse and morally-questionable entertainment.
Sabina Merrin: Many rumors surround Queen Ileosa’s bodyguard, not the least of which is that she and the queen are secretly lovers, yet none can deny this imposing woman’s loyalty to the crown.
Toff Ornelos: The Acadamae is the most prestigious school of magic in Varisia, and as its headmaster, Toff is one of the region’s most respected and powerful wizards.
Vencarlo Orisini: Owner of the renowned Orisini Academy fighting school, Vencarlo’s outspoken disdain for Korvosa’s government has earned him trouble on several occasions.

The People of Korvosa

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