Devargo Barvassi

King of Spiders


Devargo is a tall man with close-cropped black hair, a warm smile, and blue eyes. He accents his black leather armor with a steel spider-shaped shoulder baldric and a thick chain criss-crossing his chest, linked together in the shape of a spider’s web. His signature weapons—gauntlets fixed with blades over the knuckles — glisten with poison. Now and then, spiders clamber over his skin, but he takes no notice.


Known on the street as the “King of Spiders”, whispers say that Devargo has the blood of fiends in him, and that he can communicate with spiders telepathically. Devargo earned his moniker well by collecting the secrets of many powerful personages throughout Korvosa and bending them to his influence.

Devargo spends most of his time on his holdings at Eel’s End, a ramshackle collection of ships from which he runs his vice centric operations. Since Devargo pays his vice taxes and self polices Eel’s End well enough that trouble here never impacts the city at large (including a strict policy of handing over anyone he realizes is trying to use Eel’s End to hide from the law), the guards rarely have any cause to visit Eel’s End and generally leave the area alone.

Barvasi is living proof that, sometimes, crime does pay.

Devargo Barvassi

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